What is a Mobius Strip?

What is it? Where did it come from? Where is it used?

These questions and more answered below:

What is it?

A Mobius strip or Mobius band is the only one-sided, three-dimensional shape in the world. It is basically a ring with a half twist added to it.

My explanations will be very simplified, but if you would like a more scientific or in-depth example of a Mobius strip... click here.

*Wacky fact*I you cut a Mobius strip in half, then it becomes a larger circular band (2x the diameter of the Mobius). While if you cut a circular band in half, you make two bands that are the same diameter.

History of the Mobius strip

According to my research, a German mathematician by the name of Johann Benedict Listing developed the Mobius strip in July of 1858. While the Mobius strip is named after a man by the name of August Ferdinand Mobius who "developed" it in September of 1858. Many different sources say the developed it together while others say that they worked separately and Mobius took credit for Listings work.

What do you think?

Uses for a Mobius strip

The Mobius strip can be used in many different fashions. Listed are just a few ways where Mobius strips are put into use.

*Continuous-loop recording tapes are Mobius strips which can allow for double the playing time.

*Typewriter ribbons and the manufacture of fabric computer printers use Mobius strips because as they let the ribbon be twice as wide as the print head while using both halves evenly.

*Convertor belts are giant Mobius strips. They do this so the belt is worn down throughout and not on one side, like a typical circular band would.

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