Defy came up with their idea in the summer of 2017, when the founder and CEO was on a 10 hour plane ride returning from Colegio de Espana, Spain. She happened to sit next to a physicist where they started to discuss concerns about the number of females not going into the STEM field. Their discussions made Kennedy think about how she could combine two of her favorite things, STEM and business.


During their long discussions together, the physicist proposed a problem for Kennedy to solve; try to connect a circular pendant and chain together without bending, twisting or unclasping the chain in one single motion. Kennedy played with the necklace for several hours.  When the physicist demonstrated how to solve the problem using science, Kennedy was literally “hooked”. 



When she arrived to Texas, she showed her parents and they immediately grabbed her necklace and pendant before they left the airport and started trying to solve the problem.  By the time they arrived home, Kennedy's brother and his friends grabbed the necklace.  Kennedy started to notice how addictive this type of jewelry was. So she started doing research on why the jewelry is so addictive and how the physics behind the ¨trick¨ worked.  This is when Defy was born.  



Not only would this product be fun to wear and manipulate, but also it would help inspire learning and promote STEM mentality/ thinking.  Defy started as a school business project and evolved through JACP or Junior Achievement Company Program to be the company it is today. 

Defy is a company that sells science inspired jewelry and accessories. As a company, we have partnered with the University of North Texas Society of Women Engineers (UNT SWE) and Dallas Society of Women Engineers (Dallas SWE); both are student organizations supporting STEM in local middle schools, high schools and college students through outreach activities. With SWE, we have empowered young women to pursue STEM in college and career

Defy's product is jewelry that doubles as a fidget toy. To connect the pendant and the necklace together, the customer must use physics to literally flip the two pieces together

Defy is a Junior Achievement Company Program that is run out of the Business Management and Entrepreneurship Academy at V.R. Eaton High School in Haslet, Texas. The company was founded in September of 2017. Defy has had numerous trade shows and bazaars and continues to sell products and grow as a company.